Weapons of mass production

Adaptive layout arrangement

I’m guilty of overlooking technologies, trends and practices because I’ve been too busy.  I worry about important technical advancements passing me by and I neglect to explore those shiny new ideas that ricochet around blogs and technology sites, like the latest weapons of mass production.

There is a reason for this.  I have work to do, lots of it and it can be done using tried and tested methods.  Only – now and again – I’ll wonder whether there is another way? Is there a different approach?  Is there something purpose built that solves my problem?

As much as the next man I need to strike a balance between working, learning and having a life.  Although I’ve put the latter on hold until spring 2014.  But when the pressure is on to get things done, when there is no need for research & development, learning takes a back seat.

Lately, I’m starting to research adaptive layouts and mobile site design for new client projects.  It’s classic learning ‘on the job’, instead of priming myself for the moment when I’ll use adaptive layouts.

Being too busy to brush up on new techniques feels like a high-class problem.  But not doing so is storing up problems.  Not like I aspire to be Jack O’All-trades or anything, it’s just hard to know what you need to know.

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