Do customers like you? Can visitors trust you?

The writing is on the wall when it comes to credibility and the online retailer.

Search for the following ‘how much does customer review influence buying online?‘  You’ll find article after article, explaining the emerging trend for visitors using reviews to gauge product appeal and retailer credibility.

A client told me that Feefo recommended he put his stellar 100% customer satisfaction (from 22 reviews at time of writing) somewhere prominent on his site, because it would instill confidence and trust.  Review platforms like Feefo and TrustPilot are holding sway in the online retail game like never before.  Reaching 50 positive reviews from Feefo for instance, automatically attaches a star-rating to your site’s Google’s search result.  This inevitably helps you stand out, attract more traffic and thus more sales.

Prominently displaying authentic customer testimonials is a good place to start.  Integration of review platforms becomes a more technical endeavour, but sites like the ones mentioned will have made integration as painless as possible.

Screenshot of customer testimonials for Damian Harris Cycles
Customer testimonials displayed on the Homepage


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