Sport helps

I’ve often noticed parallels between things that help me in sport & training and things that help me work.  Even though these analogies reinforce some common sense ideas, I don’t implement them as often as I’d like.

  • Communication is like breathing, it’s essential to every move but has to be regulated. Overdoing it, will slow you down.
  • A disciplined routine and technique, is more effective than shear strength and brute force. The latter may be useful from time-to-time. The former requires focus and concentration and cultivates stable operation and performance.
  • Honing an effective routine requires slow and careful practise.
  • Visualise what you’re planning to achieve and actions will bend towards goals.
  • Start small and ease into the work, then gradually build up momentum and pace.
  • You are more likely to reach the target if you expect it of yourself in the first place.
  • Recognise limits: intensity is great in the right quantities. Too much and too hard for too long, will do damage.
  • Rest and recover at regular intervals, obviously.

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